3 Tips to Help the Modern Musician Thrive In the Digital Age — Composer Thomas Berlin

Thomas Berlin at his digital audio workstation

Despite the pressure musicians experience today because of the rise of streaming services as the dominant music consumption model, the German composer Thomas Berlin manages to make a good living for himself. “Technology offers challenges,” he finds, “but also provides opportunities.” Here, Berlin explains how to use digital tools to support a modern musician’s workflow. … [Read more]

Photographer Gregory Woodman Counts on His Skills, Compassion, and the Quality of His Gear

Photographer Gregory Woodman Counts on His Skills Compassion and Quality Gear 1

“Photography is empathy in action,” says humanitarian photographer Gregory Woodman. His labor of love is taking photos that draw much-needed attention to people in poverty living in the Global South, and provoke the global community to compassionate action. Whether he’s documenting a drought in Kenya or taking pictures of kids in Uganda to help secure … [Read more]

Namibian Sands vs. Alpine Ski Cups

by Paul Matthijs Lombert, CEO at Hedge. You might have heard of LAUSCHSICHT before, through their Canon C300 Mk II review and 360° filmmaking guide. Based in Zürich, Switzerland, LAUSCHSICHT has a knack for creating breathtaking videos, with rich colors and scenery. Paul Matthijs had a chat with LAUSCHSICHT’s Kevin Blanc about their signature lush … [Read more]

Filmmaker Joe Mastrino: How To Capture and Preserve the Heart and Soul of Your Subject

ojo Creative — with weddings there are no retakes

“With weddings, there are no retakes” says wedding filmmaker Joe Mastrino of ojo Creative. “There are no do-overs…. There’s no, ‘Hey, can we do that kiss again?’” As a result, a key priority for him and his ojo Creative production team is making sure that at the end of the day all of the footage … [Read more]