Therese Asplund Turns Intriguing Ideas Into Captivating Photographs

It is only natural for creative artists to spend the greatest time and effort on the elements that make their project stand out. For Swedish photographer Therese Asplund, finding the right lighting and setting is essential for taking pictures that reflect her inspiring ideas. Storage used to be just a necessity, but now she is discovering how the right solution can support her work. 

Photography has always been a passion for Therese Asplund. Ever since she got her hands on her grandmother’s old camera at the age of ten, she has loved taking portraits of people. Today, Asplund owns a studio in the small town of Avesta, in the middle of Sweden. As a young woman, however, she did not pursue a professional career in photography. “I didn’t believe that photography could be a serious occupation. It felt to me like I wanted to be a rock star,” says Asplund. 

Working in a photography store, she never let go of her dream and fifteen years ago she decided to take the plunge. Besides being a fulltime professional photographer, Asplund also devotes time to her own artistic creations, for which she has won several awards. Her method involves combining traditional lighting techniques with innovative ideas and concepts. 

Underwater Photos 

“On the one hand, I pay a lot of attention to the right setting and lighting during the shoot, but I also want to experiment with concepts that people haven’t seen before.” A great example of this are her underwater photos, for which she takes her camera, flashlights and models to the bottom of the local swimming facility. 

“In the beginning it was difficult to get everything right, because I wanted to create the same drama and effects as with controlled lighting. I had a clear idea of the photos I wanted to take. I have now done seven underwater shoots with the same models, so they are also starting to feel more confident,” says Asplund, who is justifiably proud of the mesmerizing results. 

Storage is a Necessity 

“What I like about photography is that you can never say that you know everything. My underwater photos prove there are always new things to learn. I love to explore new horizons,” says Asplund. Storage is also an area where she feels she still has lots to learn. “For most creative people like me, reliable storage sounds like just a necessity. We tend to focus on the artistic process and just want a solution that does the job. With LaCie, I am now discovering new storage features that I did not know existed, but that really make my job a lot easier.” 

One of those features is the ability to store images directly from her camera. “I put a lot of energy into my photos, so I don’t want to risk losing them. That is why I transfer everything to my computer before I leave a location. However, this takes a lot of time and I usually only book my location and models for a few hours. So it is great to have a solution that can do this much faster.” 

Working underwater or in other challenging locations outside the studio also requires a solution that is robust. “I do not want to drag my computer around everywhere. An external hard drive that is rugged and small really appeals to me.” 

On location, Asplund relies on an ultra-fast LaCie Rugged SSD. This drive offers speeds of up to 1,050 MB/s, encryption, and dust, water, and drop resistance. Back at her office, she offloads her footage onto a LaCie 1big Dock. This is a storage hub that lets you ingest files directly through built-in CF and SD card slots, connect two 4K displays, daisy chain devices via USB-C or USB 3.0 ports, and charge your laptop with up to 70W of power.  

Rescue Service 

A photographer like Therese Asplund produces vast amounts of photos in just one week. Storage space has always been a challenge for her. “I want to keep all my photos. The underwater photos, for example, are mostly compositions, because you cannot get everything right in a single shot. And commercial customers often ask for additional footage at a later date,” Asplund says. LaCie’s drives meet this demand and offer massive amounts of space for storage and backup. 

Finally, the right storage solution can also save you in emergency situations. Losing footage is a photographer’s worst nightmare. Asplund experienced this herself ten years ago when she lost all her photos after a corporate shoot. “I was not in the habit of backing up my images immediately and lost every single one of them due to a damaged SD card. You can imagine how unprofessional it looks when you have to tell a client that you don’t have any pictures.” 

To avoid such setbacks, LaCie’s latest professional line of products come with LaCie’s Rescue Data Recovery Services that have an industry-leading 95% success rate. In most cases, it’s possible to repair a damaged hard drive and recover the photos. 

Therese Asplund is now looking forward to discovering more storage features that will support her work. Or how storage can help her become the rock star she dreamed of as a little girl… 

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