Sara Dietschy Announces Her Collaboration with LaCie’s COLLECTIVE at Buffer Festival 2018

Sara’s ME&MY contest reveal at Creator Day proves to be a huge hit with attendees and fellow creatives alike

This past weekend, LaCie’s COLLECTIVE and Sara Dietschy attended Buffer Festival—a video festival that takes place annually in Toronto, Ontario. The festival showcases exclusive premieres from the world’s most acclaimed digital creators.

Many of the creators run prominent YouTube channels, like Sara.

Sara Dietschy mingles with fans at Buffer Festival 2018

With nearly 400k subscribers on YouTube alone, Sara keeps her audience engaged by rolling out educational and creative content on a consistent basis.

Also, her personality is infectious.   

“We brought on Sara as community host and co-producer of our Resident Pro contest series because of her energetic and infectious personality in addition to her obvious expertise. If you check out her YouTube channel or her podcast, The Creative Exchange, you’ll see that she interviews people about their creative process and approach in order to understand their outlook and process. We wanted to bring all of that goodness to our COLLECTIVE community, but also give it a unique twist.”

— Paul Langston, Consumer Marketing Manager at Seagate

LaCie’s online COLLECTIVE community gives digital creatives unique opportunities to learn new skills from some of the world’s most renowned creators, like Sara, then turn around and use that learning to make content and enter contests designed by those creators.

Sara Dietschy + COLLECTIVE + a brand new contest

This past Sunday at Buffer, Sara presented a Creator Masterclass to a crowd of both established and emerging video creators. She proved herself to be an avid teacher as she discussed the types of successful digital content, how to grow an initial audience, and how to tell a compelling narrative in a 10 to 15 minute video. Along the way, she creatively—and comedically—provided editing tips for documentary-style video.

Sara wrapped up her Creator Masterclass by announcing her partnership with COLLECTIVE and her ME&MY contest—launched that day exclusively on the platform.

“I have the honor and privilege to partner with Lacie this next year. They’re actually doing something really cool where they invite a new Creator into the community every six weeks to throw a contest. I’m officially launching my contest right now, and it has to do with documentary filmmaking, and basically—everything that you heard today, I want you guys to put it to the test.”

— Sara Dietschy, New York City-based videographer and podcast host


Sara Dietschy presentation promotion at Buffer Festival 2018

Her contest gives filmmakers an opportunity to challenge their proficiency at telling a compelling story in 5 minutes or less. She has set the contest, and will be the judge.

LaCie puts more than hard drives into the hands of creatives

COLLECTIVE contests give emerging creatives a rare chance to expose their work to a global community and have it reviewed by renowned creators in their industry. Contest winners can score coveted studio swag and lucrative project grants.

ME&MY contest prizes

Grand Prize
MacBook Pro 15 inch TouchBar 1TB SSD
BlackMagic Pocket Cinema Camera
DJI Ronin-S
LaCie 2big Dock 20TB
LaCie DJI Copilot

Runners-up Prizes (2 winners)
LaCie DJI Copilot
DJI Ronin-S

Audience Award Prize (1 winner)
LaCie DJI Copilot
Aputure Light Panel

Back at Buffer in a grand way

As Scott Benzie, CEO of Buffer Festival explains: “We have identified a few companies that really support the Creator community in meaningful ways. We developed The Grand Patron program to recognize these corporations who have demonstrated their willingness to put resources into the hands of the Creators who are driving their messaging, and there are no better examples of this than Samsung Canada and LaCie.”

LaCie is a Grand Patron of Buffer Festival

LaCie was a Gold Partner sponsor at last year’s festival. For Buffer Festival 2018, LaCie leveled up to Grand Patron status to further champion emerging video creators and support the global creative community.

“We strengthened our partnership with Buffer to deepen our engagement with all of their featured creators and fans, and to amplify and empower their advocacy for LaCie. Buffer’s audience of filmmakers and digital content creators is our sweet spot for COLLECTIVE, which is LaCie’s exclusive online creative community that supports and champions emerging creative talent.”

— Mike Warrener, Director of Americas Marketing for Consumer Solutions Group at Seagate

Find out more about COLLECTIVE and Sara’s ME&MY contest here.