Rugged RAID Helps Surf Photographer Keep His Head Above Water

Considered one of the best surf photographers in the world, O’ahu-based Zak Noyle lives his life on the edge. He spends countless hours in the water, creating dramatic imagery and artful interpretations of one of the world’s most magnificent ocean environment.

The ocean is Zak Noyle’s happy place. Another thing that makes him happy is the LaCie Rugged RAID. In this video, Noyle describes his love for the ocean and surf photography, and how the LaCie Rugged helps him tighten up his workflow and lighten his suitcase.

Noyle shoots with a Canon EOS-1D X at 12 frames per second, so he easily generates 60 GB of photos during a single shoot. As a result, he needs to offload his camera’s 128 GB memory card onto big, fast, tough external storage.

He chose the LaCie Rugged because it offers 4 TB of storage, which is enough capacity for an entire week-long photo shoot. When traveling abroad, where power outlets sometimes require adapters, Noyle also loves that the Rugged is bus powered through the Thunderbolt cable.

In his wet, sandy, globetrotting world, storage has to be tough to protect his photos, which are his livelihood. So he appreciates that the Rugged is resistant to sand, water, and drops. He’s also a fan of the LaCie Rugged’s RAID 1 automatic data mirroring, which means he gets data security while avoiding the time-consuming process of copying photos onto a second storage device.

Hawaiian culture is legendary for its aloha attitude, but deadlines for Surfer Magazine still prod Noyle to deliver projects on time. Thanks to the LaCie Rugged’s fast Thunderbolt speeds, Noyle is able to get footage from his camera’s memory card to his photo editing software in a fraction of the time. For Noyle, this means less time in front of the computer, and more time in his happy place.

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