360Heros: Immersive Content, Immense Data Challenges

360Heros provides end-to-end tools for 360-degree VR (virtual reality) video﹘a new, incredibly immersive way to tell stories. 360Heros designs VR camera systems, media management software, and other tools to let hobbyists and professionals alike produce this cutting-edge media. Here, Michael Kinter, CEO of 360Heros, shares more about his company, some of the data challenges associated with creating large amounts of VR footage, and workflow tips for managing this content.

I started out as a hobbyist in panoramic and aerial photography. This led me to create a lightweight, portable solution for capturing high-resolution panoramic photos and videos. Forming 360Heros has been an extension of that hobby. It allows me to share the tools and workflow that I’ve developed for creating 360-degree video content. This workflow now serves as a tool for thousands of content creators to produce virtual reality experiences. From the depths of the ocean to the summit of Mount Everest, our solutions enable people to turn their ideas into immersive, interactive stories.

Creating high-quality 360-degree content requires filming simultaneously from multiple angles. We offer a variety of plug-and-play holders that allow filming from six to 14 angles at once. To stitch and edit the content, I developed 360CamMan software with VR/360 video media file management. This software ingests and organizes gigabytes of data while providing video analysis and a wide variety of video tools for optimization. As you can imagine, offloading content into the software from as many as 14 SD cards for one project is no easy task.

Time is money, so speed is critical when trying to manage data storage and file transfers. Especially when working with extremely large VR 360-degree video files, it is important to have reliable, powerful data management tools. Thanks to the speeds of the LaCie d2 Thunderbolt 2 with d2 SSD Upgrade and the convenience of multi-card readers, we have significantly reduced the ingest and stitching process. The LaCie d2 makes it possible for my team and me to quickly offload files, and the dual Thunderbolt 2 ports make backup to additional external drives like the LaCie Rugged Thunderbolt seamless. LaCie has basically thought out every component of the data storage and data transfer workflow. Given the critical importance of workflow in our industry, being able to ingest, store, and transfer data with one set of products makes our workflow very efficient.

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