Renowned Creatives Andy Best and Zak Noyle Judge #InMyElement Video Contest

Creativity is often born from a desire to capture a different perspective of the world. Whether the way you see things is driven by the people around you or the places or moments you find yourself in, our experiences can often compel us to create and share.

For our latest competition #InMyElement, we’ve partnered with two creative professionals with very different perspectives from behind the lens.

Zak Noyle is among the world’s finest surf photographers, with a long list of magazine covers and awards. Often spending long days on boats and in the water, it’s the ocean where Zak finds himself most in his element.

Zak appreciates every moment in the water and the ability to capture images that 99.9% of the world will never see first hand. The ever-changing conditions, and the challenge of every wave and moment being different, motivate him to keep on creating, and to continue to capture the perfect images to draw his viewer into his world.

Here’s Zak in his element, shooting 12 frames a second amongst the waves.

Cinematographer Andy Best believes in life, love and the pursuit of adventure. In the Summer of 2015 he and his wife sold most of what they owned and set off from Idaho with their three dogs; they fired up the camper and embarked on a never ending road trip. Andy’s nomadic lifestyle sees him travel the globe capturing unbelievable landscapes for some of the world’s biggest brands.

For Andy, there’s nothing more important than sharing and encouraging others to explore the outside and discover the beauty of the wild, so that we can reveal and protect it.

Now over to you: Andy and Zak are ready to see you, in your element. Here’s Andy’s top tips on how you can impress the judges with your submission. Head to to enter for your chance to win a mobile production suite.