Pro Photographer Seth Resnick Trusts LaCie Storage

Seth Resnick has had a prolific career spanning educational, fine art, editorial, stock and commercial work, and has trained thousands of photographers in digital workflow methods using the D-65 process. Resnick was chosen by Photo District News as one of the decade’s 30 most influential photographers and has been published in many of the world’s most prestigious photography magazines. His credits include over 2500 publications worldwide and his clients constitute a virtual “Who’s Who” list of corporate America.

I am a photographer in love with the color, drama, and wildness that only miles of travel can produce. Over the course of one year and 160,000 miles, I have witnessed humans, animals, and everyday objects in incredibly unusual situations. Hopefully, my images bear testimony to a passion for capturing moments that will never be repeated, to record beauty before it’s forever lost, and to glorify the grand color palette that nature offers up so freely to those willing to see it.

Photography is a highly creative form of communication that attracts me because of its challenges: I take pictures because it’s like capturing a moment in time you know you will never get back. As our environment changes due to ever-increasing pressure from mankind, capturing these moments with my camera has probably never been more important.

Since each photograph represents a time and place that cannot be repeated, preserving these images is key – and trusting the storage devices for my digital archive is something I don’t take lightly. My Lightroom archive holds my life’s work, and even after very careful editing, comprises more than 4 TB of data. Whether at home or on the road, I absolutely need storage that’s proven to work, which is why I’ve chosen LaCie as the brand I trust and the one I recommend for my students.

At home, my major concern is reliability and speed, but when I travel, I have the additional concerns of the availability of power, weight, portability, and durability. I often travel to remote parts of the world – like Antarctica – with no option to source a new hard drive in case of malfunction. I put my faith in the LaCie Rugged Thunderbolt when I travel. The LaCie Rugged Thunderbolt drive ROCKS – it has a transfer rate of close to 130 MB/s, and I’ve been able to copy 500 RAW files in less than one minute. It’s also small enough to fit in my pocket. Portability is important to me because I always carry one with me when I travel in addition to the two or three others I keep wherever I happen to be sleeping. Weight and size are critical today when traveling by air, and I can easily carry three of these drives in my camera bag, along with my laptop, cameras, and lenses, without worrying about exceeding weight limits.

I’ve also had the privilege to play with the LaCie Little Big Disk Thunderbolt 2, which is everything I could ask for in a portable product. First, it takes advantage of the latest in speed, thanks to Thunderbolt 2, and offers up super-fast transfers capable of 1375 MB/s in a compact, portable package. I can download an entire memory card from my camera in 20 or 30 seconds, and when I place my Lightroom library on the LaCie Little Big Disk, access is unbelievably fast and smooth. During my testing, I found this drive to be twice as fast as first-generation Thunderbolt drives, which are already four to five times faster than FireWire 800. Quite simply, increasing my speed and making my workflow more efficient means more time spent shooting and less time waiting at the computer. The LaCie Little Big Disk features two SSDs, making it nearly silent as it works, and has dual Thunderbolt 2 ports so daisy chaining storage devices together is simple. Combined with its compact size, the LaCie Little Big Disk has become an essential part of my field-based workflow.

LaCie has long been a proven source for storage solutions for me, and now they lead the way in Thunderbolt. This makes LaCie drives ideal for the demanding needs for a photographer like myself.

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