Photographer Gregory Woodman Counts on His Skills, Compassion, and the Quality of His Gear

Photographer Gregory Woodman Counts on His Skills Compassion and Quality Gear 1

“Photography is empathy in action,” says humanitarian photographer Gregory Woodman.

His labor of love is taking photos that draw much-needed attention to people in poverty living in the Global South, and provoke the global community to compassionate action.

Whether he’s documenting a drought in Kenya or taking pictures of kids in Uganda to help secure sponsorships, Woodman depends on his compassion to drive him, his health and stamina, his eye and his skills, and the quality of his gear.

Learn more and see Woodman at work in the video below. Find out why the LaCie 2big Dock and LaCie Rugged are the drives Woodman counts on to help capture and keep his photographic record safe.

Below, Gregory Woodman explains why he believes it’s important to use his skills and time as a photographer to help make a difference in the communities in which he works:

“I’ve seen first hand the power that one photo can have on somebody’s life. The right picture can change the situation dramatically for somebody in the third world.

“The first time I ever took humanitarian photos was in Uganda. There were these three little boys; I took their photo, and a couple of months later those kids got sponsorships. And that’s happened over and over and over. I’ve seen my work actually make an impact on this world.

“This year I partnered with World Vision to document their efforts to combat the severe drought in northern Kenya.

“My work has put me in difficult situations all over the world, and the LaCie hard drive is the only one that I trust. LaCie gives you a peace of mind that other hard drives don’t. It is industry standard. It makes my workflow so much easier, from the field to the office.

“I believe photography is storytelling. Photography is compassion. Photography is empathy in action.

“And I think that’s something we need now, more than ever.”

Photographer Gregory Woodman Counts on His Skills Compassion and Quality Gear 4