On the Set of Unité 42, Simon Moirot Protects Precious Footage

And … Action!

A movie set is always hectic: director, actors, extras, camera men and production assistants running around seemingly chaotically. This is also the case at the set of Unité 42. This police series is filmed in Brussels and broadcast on RTBF, the public broadcasting organization of the French Community of Belgium, and France2, one of the French public national television channels. The plot is about a cybercrime investigation by two agents. The older policeman is a textbook example of the classic detective, while a young hackster uses internet and technology — sometimes unconventionally.

The series is recorded at different locations, and every time shooting wraps, the set and the film team must move along. For data manager Simon Moirot, this is quite a challenge. Simon’s task is to manage, secure and backup all the recordings — the so-called rushes.

“I mostly work with the movie crew. But also with all the other employees on the set: production, costume department, makeup, set decoration, props … We don’t shoot scenes in the final order of the episodes, so they often need scenes to check which attributes were on the set or which exact shirt the character was wearing,” says Simon Moirot.

“You can not afford to lose images or make the slightest mistake in backups. That is the biggest challenge and my main responsibility. Reliable material is essential,” emphasizes Simon. “Therefore I chose to work with LaCie hard drives. I use two types on the set: the LaCie Rugged and the LaCie 2big. The compact drives with the iconic orange case are very ergonomic and robust and I don’t need an extra flight case to transport them on the set and elsewhere.”

In addition, Simon uses the LaCie 2big, with RAID 0, as an extra backup. This allows him to offload large files very quickly. A huge advantage is the Thunderbolt interface, which means that the data manager hardly needs adapters and cables. Simon: “I can work really fast, connect the devices easily, and I’m not limited by the amount of data. It’s also very easy to disconnect the drives and safely pass them on to someone else. And regarding the security and backup of the rushes: the LaCie drives do their job 100 percent.”

Watch Simon’s interview behind the scenes: