LaCie Behind the Scenes: Keeping Up with Zak Noyle

We often profile photographers and filmmakers who create amazing content in the field while under rough conditions: floating in the surf, off-roading through the desert, or hiking across the tundra. And when we want to document their work in a behind-the-scenes video, our crews have to endure the same conditions — and they share their subjects’ need for secure data transfer and storage while in the field.

How do you bring back the stories of these high-energy adventurers? Our team experienced this firsthand when we filmed surf photographer Zak Noyle to show how the LaCie Rugged RAID supported Zak as he worked amid the crashing waves of the infamous North Shore in Oahu, Hawaii.

LaCie’s George Shubin and Kristin MacRostie didn’t have to brave the waves or dodge flying surfboards for this shoot. Instead, the obstacles they faced were time and sheer volume of data. They only had access to Zak for two days, and planned to use a Blackmagic URSA 4K digital film camera for the shoot. They needed portable storage equipment that would allow them to travel light but still be able to offload and quickly back up a huge amount of data.

They came back from the shoot with high praise for the LaCie Little Big Disk Thunderbolt 2 and the LaCie Rugged Thunderbolt, which they highly recommend for jobs such as this one. The smaller footprint of these devices kept their luggage compact, while Thunderbolt high speeds and SSDs ensured they could complete transfers quickly. In our behind-the-scenes video, George describes the two devices plus a MacBook Pro as his “studio in a bag.”

To complete the shoot in the tight timeframe, the crew developed a fluid workflow: they’d bring the camera memory card to their portable edit station, and then use the lightning-fast LaCie Little Big Disk to quickly and securely transfer the raw footage – all while simultaneously backing it up to the LaCie Rugged. This speedy transfer meant that George never had to wait long before he could get the memory card back into the camera and continue shooting.

As a result, the team got the interview they wanted using the camera they wanted, and produced a great video in time for the LaCie Rugged RAID launch.

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