Journeying the World to Spark Awareness for Clean Water

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Water is life. We drink it, grow food with it, and use it for countless things. It truly is more key to our survival than any other resource. But fresh water is becoming scarce, and this crisis is an urgent and somewhat forgotten one. That’s why Shari Brochhausen, a producer and director at Cutback Films, decided to work on Access Water – a documentary that follows a group of women, led by renowned polar explorers and educators Liver Arnesen and Ann Bancroftfrom, across six continents as they embark on a 60 day expedition, following the river Ganges from Gaumukh to the Bay of Bengals. The journey, 1,569 miles long, showcases a myriad of water challenges throughout the world through the lens of each woman.

Along the way, the team visited schools, farms and industrial businesses that work to improve water conditions in the area. With more than 400 million people relying on the Ganges river for water, food and bathing, it’s one of the most important and impactful rivers in the world. Throughout the trip, the team traveled to locations with drastic changes in climate. Because of this, Shari’s main storage concern when shooting in the field is having options that are reliable and durable to withstand those conditions.

“Our top priority is durability. We are traveling in remote areas with lots of climate changes, from extreme cold to extreme hot.”

To meet these needs, Shari uses LaCie Rugged drives while filming on location. She always makes sure to choose small compact drives with a lot of storage, and always backs up her data. “LaCie has always been my drive of choice. The compact drives are reliable and easy to travel with, especially the Rugged drives.”

All of her data is then transferred to the LaCie 5big Thunderbolt 2 – and with 20TB of footage so far, she makes sure she picks dependable storage with the fast speeds. “We love the workflow system that we have created using the LaCie drives. It allows our team to travel using safe drives to share and transfer data.”

You can learn more about Access Water, and new expeditions happening to bring awareness to conservation and water issues, by visiting

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