Namibian Sands vs. Alpine Ski Cups

by Paul Matthijs Lombert, CEO at Hedge. You might have heard of LAUSCHSICHT before, through their Canon C300 Mk II review and 360° filmmaking guide. Based in Zürich, Switzerland, LAUSCHSICHT has a knack for creating breathtaking videos, with rich colors and scenery. Paul Matthijs had a chat with LAUSCHSICHT’s Kevin Blanc about their signature lush … [Read more]

Filmmaker Joe Mastrino: How To Capture and Preserve the Heart and Soul of Your Subject

ojo Creative — with weddings there are no retakes

“With weddings, there are no retakes” says wedding filmmaker Joe Mastrino of ojo Creative. “There are no do-overs…. There’s no, ‘Hey, can we do that kiss again?’” As a result, a key priority for him and his ojo Creative production team is making sure that at the end of the day all of the footage … [Read more]