“How It’s Made” Team Love Their Moms, Kittens, and LaCie Drives

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Bonnemaison production house took a break from celebrating their 15th anniversary to give a shout-out to LaCie digital storage. Working on the Science Channel’s hit show “How It’s Made,” Bonnemaison has relied on LaCie products since its founding.   In the above video, hear from Bonnemaison’s vice president (who provides the resonant voiceover from the … [Read more]

Profile: Gnarly Bay, Post­Production House

First thing first, what’s the story with that name? According to Dan Riordan, a partner at Gnarly Bay, the Rhode Island-based video production company is actually named for a mythical body of water near their hometown. “The story goes that in this small bay, there are tiny-but-perfect waves that never really form into anything big … [Read more]

Kike Calvo: Two Parts Knowledge, One Part Serendipity

Pro photographer Kike Calvo has captured heart­stopping photographs of staggering beauty. But he’d prefer to be remembered not as an author of pretty pictures, but as the guy who made someone reflect about a social or environmental issues. Clearly, he will be remembered for both. As a freelancer, he has photographed travel assignments for the … [Read more]

Rugged Mini 4 TB: Doubled Capacity, Still Mini

Now that’s an oxymoron. The new Rugged Mini 4 TB version is the most compact way to carry a whopping 138,000 RAW image files (at 26 MB each). More capacity in the same footprint means you can take fewer drives into the field. And it’s still svelte. At around 1 inch (26 mm) high, it’s … [Read more]

Rugged RAID Stores Pics of Endangered Species

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Since 2002, Wild China Film (WCF) has been using photography to expand public awareness about the plight of endangered species in China. WCF operates a wildlife photography training camp where they teach individuals of all experience levels how to take compelling photographs of wild animals. In the above video, see heart-stopping photos and footage from … [Read more]