Enterprise Class Drives Available for the LaCie 8big Rack Thunderbolt 2

For critical 4K video or 3D rendering projects, the LaCie 8big Rack Thunderbolt 2 now comes in a 48 TB Enterprise Class version. With six Seagate Enterprise Class drives and a five-year warranty, this configuration gives pros the 24/7 accessibility and reliability required for the most crucial projects.

Seagate Enterprise Class hard drives feature 1.2 million hours MTBF (mean time between failure) for serious availability and accessibility. Storage this reliable lets pros handle massive rendering jobs, hit project milestones, and turn jobs around faster.

With 128 MB cache, 7200 RPM, and rack environment optimization, these drives provide the ideal solution for handling bandwidth-intensive workloads. Configured in RAID 0 and with a Thunderbolt 2 interface, the LaCie 8big provides speeds of up to 1440 MB/s.

The Enterprise Class version still offers the best storage density for a 1U rack (48 TB), dual Thunderbolt 2 ports for daisy chaining, hardware RAID, and full component redundancy.

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