“How It’s Made” Team Love Their Moms, Kittens, and LaCie Drives

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Bonnemaison production house took a break from celebrating their 15th anniversary to give a shout-out to LaCie digital storage. Working on the Science Channel’s hit show “How It’s Made,” Bonnemaison has relied on LaCie products since its founding.   In the above video, hear from Bonnemaison’s vice president (who provides the resonant voiceover from the … [Read more]

Profile: Gnarly Bay, Post­Production House

First thing first, what’s the story with that name? According to Dan Riordan, a partner at Gnarly Bay, the Rhode Island-based video production company is actually named for a mythical body of water near their hometown. “The story goes that in this small bay, there are tiny-but-perfect waves that never really form into anything big … [Read more]

Lights, Camera, 5big: Excelling with 4K Workflows

If you work (or play) in the video industry, you’ve likely heard of the Society of Motion Picture and Television Engineers, or SMPTE. They’re the people responsible for bringing standards that facilitate interoperability, to the film and television industry — or simply put, they’re the people who make sure that you can actually see and … [Read more]

LaCie 8big Rack Thunderbolt 2 is a Rising Star for the Giant Screen

Creating stadium-sized video content requires digital storage with stadium-sized capacity and performance. imag8nineteen is a small, L.A.-based production company specializing in visual content for live entertainment events such as Justin Bieber’s world tour, JLo’s performance on American Idol, and a Stevie Wonder GRAMMY Special. Even though imag8nineteen’s final products are astronomical in size, their equipment … [Read more]

Portlandia Editors Talk Video Workflows & LaCie Storage

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Editors from the Portlandia TV show love cat scream sound effects nearly as much as they love LaCie Thunderbolt storage. In this video, hear them speak seriously about consolidating storage and transporting it using LaCie products, while putting the LaCie Rugged Thunderbolt through a far-from-serious battery of durability tests. As editors explain in the video, … [Read more]

360Heros: Immersive Content, Immense Data Challenges

360Heros provides end-to-end tools for 360-degree VR (virtual reality) video﹘a new, incredibly immersive way to tell stories. 360Heros designs VR camera systems, media management software, and other tools to let hobbyists and professionals alike produce this cutting-edge media. Here, Michael Kinter, CEO of 360Heros, shares more about his company, some of the data challenges associated … [Read more]