Rugged Mini 4 TB: Doubled Capacity, Still Mini

Now that’s an oxymoron. The new Rugged Mini 4 TB version is the most compact way to carry a whopping 138,000 RAW image files (at 26 MB each). More capacity in the same footprint means you can take fewer drives into the field. And it’s still svelte. At around 1 inch (26 mm) high, it’s … [Read more]

LaCie Rugged Thunderbolt 1 TB SSD: Double Your Capacity

For field-based creative pros, the new LaCie Rugged Thunderbolt 1 TB SSD doubles your storage without weighing you down. Offering twice the capacity, this new version lets pros store more RAW files or footage while carrying fewer drives into the field. And it’s still lightning fast. At up to 387 MB/s, it can transfer 100 … [Read more]

The Wait is Finally Over! LaCie Rugged RAID is Now Shipping

Rugged RAID now shipping

The LaCie® Rugged RAID, one of the toughest all-terrain mobile storage devices on the market, is now available from the LaCie Online Store. Packing twice the speed and capacity of a standard mobile hard drive in its compact design, the LaCie Rugged features: • 4 TB of storage (the equivalent of thirty 128 GB memory … [Read more]

LaCie Welcomes Windows Users to the Party

Windows users, welcome to the Thunderbolt party. Four of LaCie’s Thunderbolt 2 products – the 8big Rack Thunderbolt 2, 5big Thunderbolt 2, 2big Thunderbolt 2, and d2 Thunderbolt 2 – are now compatible with Windows 7 and 8. Simply download the Thunderbolt drivers from, and then install them on your Windows computer. Whatever your … [Read more]

d2 Gets a Sleek New Unibody

d2 runs in LaCie DNA. Not only has it consistently been our most popular product for the last 12 years, but our company was even called “électronique d2” before it was called LaCie. So it goes without saying that when a new d2 rolls off the assembly line, we’re pretty proud. The d2 Thunderbolt™ 2 … [Read more]

LaCie 8big Rack Thunderbolt 2 with 48 TB is Now Shipping

Today, we are thrilled to share with you the news that the 48 TB size of the LaCie® 8big Rack Thunderbolt™ 2 in now shipping. Folks from around the video production industry are loving how its fast speeds of up to 1330MB/s* and massive capacity lets them work directly with their RAW files and 10-bit, … [Read more]